"Autopsy course"

Distance learning

13.04 - 14.04.2020 Group 415

14.05 - 15.05.2020 Group 414

how to pass the autopsy course for medical students?

  1. Read the syllabus and materials that you can find on the site of the department.

  2. Read the lecture materials and attend scheduled lecture.

  3. On the first and second day of the cycle, you will need to study key points in appropriate section autonomously.

  4. At the end of the 2nd day of the cycle, you must pass a final control test:

4. Your responses on 3 practical questions should be duplicated on paper in the form of written work. Sign your work, indicate your name, group number, dozen and date. Then take photos of your work with attached your student ID. See example on the picture below.

5. Submit your work and email it. E-mail address for submission of accomplished works is here:


Please, sent photos of your written work no later than the next day after the specified date in the schedule.

Important! In the subject of the letter indicate your faculty, group number / dozen and topic number in the following format:

AAAA_BBB.b_DDDD, where

AAAA - Faculty (II_int)

BBB.b - group number / dozen

DDDD - Student's Surname and Name

E.g.: II_int_421.31_Shailendra Yadav Kumar

In order to advise the department, the student should send a letter indicating "ZAPYT"

Stay home and wash your hands!