Make-up Classes

Re-work of missed classes


Please follow this algorithm to rework your missed class:

  • Fill the registration form.

  • On this page find the topic of the missed class.

  • Do all tasks according to instructions.

  • Send us your completed work.

E-mail address for submission of completed works:

Please, sent photos of your written work no later than 14:00 on Saturday.

Important! In the subject of the letter indicate your faculty, group number / dozen and topic number in the following format:


AAAA - Faculty (stom)

BBB.b - group number / dozen

SSSS - topic number

DDDD - Student's Surname and Name

E.g.: II_int_421.31_13_Shailendra Yadav Kumar

  • If you don't find the topic, please write about it in "Comments and questions" in the electronic form.