Lesson 2

Reversible cell injury. Intracellular accumulation

Key points:

1. Cell injury. Reversible and irreversible, lethal and sublethal injury. Mechanisms and types of cell injury.

2. Morphogenetic mechanisms of intracellular accumulations; their features.

3. Classification of accumulations depending on localization, type of metabolism, prevalence and origin of the process. Concept of thesaurizmoses (diseases of accumulation).

4. Parenchymal dysproteinoses: morphological features, types.

5. Cellular swelling (hydropic dystrophy): commonly affected organs and tissues, causes, morphological characteristics, consequences.

6. Intracellular hyaline accumulation: the most frequent localization, causes, morphological characteristics.

7. Hyperkeratosis (“horny” dystrophy). Causes, localization, morphological manifestations, consequences.

8. Fatty degeneration: localization, morphological characteristics, histological methods of lipid detection.

9. Fatty changes of hepatocytes (liver steatosis): main causes and mechanisms of development, gross and microscopic changes in the organ, results.

10.Fatty degeneration of cardiomyocytes: main causes and mechanisms of development, gross and microscopic changes, consequences.

11.Lipidosis of the renal tubules: the main causes and mechanisms of development, gross and microscopic changes.

12.Hereditary accumulation diseases associated with impaired metabolism of amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates (glycogen).


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