Lesson 4

Pigment and Mineral Accumulation

Key points:

1. Disorders of iron metabolism and metabolism of hemoglobinogenic pigments. Classification of hemoglobinogenic pigments. Toxic forms of ferritin: causes and consequences of their formation.

2. Disruption of melanin formation. Morphological characteristics of hypopigmentation (leukoderma, vitiligo, albinism) and hyperpigmentation (general melanoderma, local melanosis, pigment nevus).

3. Disorders of nucleoprotein metabolism. Gout and gouty arthritis: morphological characteristics of joint changes, complications, consequences. Gouty nephropathy: a morphological characteristic.

4. Stone formation: localization, types of stones, consequences and complications of stone formation.


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Wilson's disease. Kaizer's ring, copper pigmentation

Lipofuscin in cardiomyocytes. “Tear-and-wear” pigment

Brown atrophy of heart

Metastatic calcification

Deposition of calcium in normal tissues, caused by hypercalcemia (e.g. parathyroid hormone excess)

Hemochromatosis, microscopic

Accumulation of brown-coloured deposits in hepatocytes as it appears with H&E staining in this case with liver cirrhosis

Hemochromatosis, microscopic

Prussian blue Fe2+ stain reveals extensive hepatic hemosiderin deposition

Hemochromatosis, gross

The dark brown color of this liver and the pancreas and lymph nodes on cross-sectioning is a result of extensive iron deposition with hereditary hemochromatosis

Hemosiderosis of lungs. Mitral valve failure

Alveolar macrophages are laden with brown-coloured pigment. Capillaries are dilated due to the pulmonary congestion. Pulmonary edema appears as pink-coloured protein-rich fluid that fills alveolar spaces

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